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Lennox CBX40UHV Air Handler

Variable Speed Air Handler.

One of the quietest and most efficient air handlers you can buy. Variable-speed technology provides a constant flow of air, with no loud drafts or operating sounds. Steady air movement also enhances efficiency. EVENHEATER® preheats air before circulating it through your home. Heat is delivered in stages to help prevent drafts.

High-Efficiency Evaporator Coil
SilentComfort™ Technology
High Static Capability
Variable-Speed Blower Motor
MERV 16 Precision Pleat Filter
Insulated Blower Compartment
Environmentally ResponsibleR-410A refrigerant
OrientationUp-flow/horizontal (down-flow optional—accessory required)
Warranty10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components

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Contact Us For A Free Estimate Or Service Request