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Repairing Sewer Lines in the Baltimore Area

Scardina Plumbing and Heating has vast experience and knowledge of sewer and drainage systems around a home or business. They can quickly identify problems in the systems and remedy the situation in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Call us today for the best drain cleaning services in the Baltimore, Millersville, and Annapolis area.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Drain lines and sewer lines tend to get clogged over time because of the material and sediment that flow through them. The plumbers at the Scardina know many techniques for identifying the source of the problem and will employ a variety of methods to unclog the pipe. Some problems are easily identified by visual inspection and can be cleared with the use of a few simple tools.

Occasionally the clog is located far from an access point and can be difficult to diagnose. In these instances, a plumber from Scardina will use a small camera in the pipe to pin point the exact location of the blockage. They will then focus on that point to fix the problem. If the clog requires digging up the pipe, the amount of yard that needs to be removed will be minimized because of the precise location found by the camera.

Sewer Lines

Signs you need Sewer Line Cleaning or Repair

If you are wondering if your sewer line is clogged or needs repair then consider these following signs. If you are experiencing some of the following issues make sure to give us a call. 

  • Odors coming from drains

If you smell sewage or other strange smells coming from your drains then it could mean that your lines are clogged. When a sewage line is clogged, it causes the things you flush down the drain to work its way back up the pipe. The smells makes it way through the only clearance it has which is back up your line. 

  • Water coming back up the drains

Many people will experience water backing up in their sink or toilet after they flush water down. This is one of the first initial indicators to a clog as the water has no where to go but back from where it came. One way to tell if it is a main line issue or an isolated issue is to check other drains. If water is backing up from the toilet only, it may just be a toilet issue. If water is backing from all of your drains then it likely is the main sewer line that’s clogged. 

  • Water is draining slowly

Is water beginning to drain slowly in multiple areas of your home? Water slowly draining from the bathtub or from an individual sink could mean something is clogging up that individual drain. For instance, bath tubs and bathroom sinks can often clog with hair. But, if you are experiencing slow drains throughout your house, then again, it may be your main line. 

  • Flooding in the yard

A clogged or broken main line can cause flooding in parts of the yard as water seeps out overtime. This can start out in a small damp area in your lawn to a flooded area. If you have noticed a weird smell with a damp or flooded yard then you likely have a break in your main line. 

Additional Septic Services Available

Scardina Plumbing also offers septic cleaning services. The life span of a septic system can be vastly improved by regular maintenance and cleaning. It is recommended that the system be inspected and maintained once or twice year. Scardina has expertise with septic systems that make repair and maintenance possible on even the oldest systems.

New Line Installations

Scardina can complete new installations of plumbing, septic, and drain systems as well. Whether it is for a new home or an addition, the professional quality of the job will be second to none if performed by Scardina.

Who is responsible for sewer line replacement and repairs?

It’s a common question to ask whether the homeowner will need to pay for the main line repair or if the city will cover it. Each occasion may be different, however a good rule of thumb to go by is to ask what section of the line is broken. If the clogged or broken pipes are part of the public sewer system then the city will take care of it. Unfortunatley, most often the homeowner is left to foot the bill. 

You may also not be able to count on your insurance to help if the issue was due to “wear and tear.” We always encourage homeowners to contact the city and their insurance company first just to be sure. We know the potential expense homeowners face with sewer line repairs which is why we offer financing to help. Details below.

Planning and Financial Services

Plumbing and septic upgrades or repairs can be costly at times. Scardina wants to make the process as transparent and easy as possible. For this reason, they offer free estimates. Scardina Plumbing and Heating does not want a home owner to put off fixing a problem that needs to be addressed because of the fee associated with it. For this reason, they offer financing for repair work. This will help stop a small problem from turning into a major one.

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