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Scardina Home Services has been in service since 1950. There is no job too BIG or too small. Residential homeowners and Commercial businesses trust us. Scardina has an excellent reputation for great
customer service. Prompt response times with quality repairs and skilled installations.

Contact Us For A Free Estimate Or Service Request​

Contact Us For A Free Estimate Or Service Request

Grease Trap Services

Scardina services, repairs, and installs Grease Traps required of all commercial food service establishments. A grease trap separates grease from wastewater. They are designed into the main drain line to intercept and collect oils and fats which clog pipes otherwise. Grease slows down your wastewater disposal system. It becomes sluggish and difficult to break down, which can cause your plumbing to be slow or completely blocked. Over time, the buildup of these oils can cause serious problems that can only be resolved through expensive repairs. Grease traps combat this and prevent blockages in your wastewater disposal system.

Scardina Home Services installs high quality grease traps to keep your sewage system running efficiently. Schedule service today in Central Maryland, Annapolis, & Baltimore areas. Contact or Call 888.277.6015

Grease Trap Installation

Scardina’s trained technicians are experienced to install all interior and exterior grease traps. We can install a new grease trap or repair / replace an existing one. A free estimate begins the process. We will properly measure and size the correct tank for your commercial service needs. Then we coordinate with the county permit office and In-Field Inspectors before, during, and after the job. Our goal is to provide you with efficient and sanitary plumbing, so that you may continue focus on your goal of providing uninterrupted food service for your customers.

Grease Trap Cleaning & Scheduled Maintenance

Scardina’s septic team services external commercial grease trap systems. The tank is pumped clean of top floating grease and bottom solids. In addition, the drain pipes leading to and from the grease trap can be jetted clean. Contact us for a service call. Or even better is a scheduled routine maintenance that is custom to your needs. Call the Scardina office to schedule reminders that are customized to your needs. Interval pump outs are based on your system size and your volume of food service business; pump outs can be annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Emergency Service

We also do Emergency Service. Contact us anytime!

Why Do You Need a Grease Trap?

The wastewater in your kitchen is filled with fats, oils, and grease (known as FOG) that are particularly slow to break down. A grease trap can help to intercept these substances, eliminating most of them before they ever enter your sewage system. As a restaurant owner or manager in Maryland, it’s especially important to install a grease trap because:

  • All restaurants and commercial kitchens are required to meet federal, state, and local grease
    regulations, which dictate that a grease trap must be in place for sanitary purposes.
  • Grease traps can prevent the significant buildup of oils that lead to costly repairs in the future.
  • Grease traps prevent wastewater overflow that occurs with severe blockages and can cause
    health and safety issues for building occupants.
    We can help with problems with your existing grease trap clogs or other problems. Our technicians are certified to provide you with an inspection and repairs, as needed.

Save yourself the stress of a costly plumbing repair down the line and install a grease trap today. Contact Scardina for service in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, Prince George’s County, and beyond!