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Scardina Home Services has been in service since 1950. There is no job too BIG or too small. Residential homeowners and Commercial businesses trust us. Scardina has an excellent reputation for great
customer service. Prompt response times with quality repairs and skilled installations.

Contact Us For A Free Estimate Or Service Request​

Contact Us For A Free Estimate Or Service Request

Drain Cleaning

Scardina Home Services is your professional drain and septic cleaning company in central Maryland. We can unclog any drain. Blockage is thoroughly and safely removed. We ensure you get the most cost effective solution. Our experienced and trained technicians service all types of drain blockages and clogs. We do all projects, large and small. Our services also cover inspections, scheduled maintenance, and emergency service. Drain cleaning services are available in all parts of your home to well to the exterior. This includes all kitchens, bathrooms, and utilities. We offer camera service, snaking, and hydro-jetting. Contact Scardina for all your Drain Cleaning! Emergency Service available 7 days a week. 888-277-6015


A hydro-jet drain cleaner eliminates even the toughest blockages and clogs on exterior lines. This is an eco-friendly way to clean the pipes. The hydro-jetter method uses pressurized water to completely break up blockages. Yet safe to use against plumbing joints. It flushes away the debris for an entirely clean septic or sewer line. Even hard-to-reach clogs buried deep can easily be reached and removed.

Pipe Camera Inspection

Pipe camera service can also be done along with a drain cleaning or a hydro-jetting. It inspects inside a pipe to determine the lines are clean. The camera can also show pipe imperfections to the trained eye.

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Lines

Inside the home, the drain lines occasionally become blocked by various materials such as food, grease, paper, hair, and lint.

Sewer Lines

Outside the home, the private sewer lines guide black water away from the home. These pipes lead to private septic systems or municipal pipe systems. Often they will become clogged by all the usual suspects, plus tree roots. An aging pipe system is also suspect to additional problems. A belly forms when a section of the pipe weakens and sags. Unwanted water pools and backs up. Also earth shifts over time, and weak pipe sections can become misaligned.

Septic Systems

Install and or service your septic system. We offer routine maintenance service to have your septic tank clean and operating well.

Grease Traps

Commercial grease traps are a necessity in today’s restaurant market. We install interior and exterior, and service exterior.