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Monessen Aria Vent Free Gas Fireplace

Aria Vent Free Gas Fireplace

Starting at $1,688

The Aria vent free gas fireplace is designed to add big, bold and beautiful flames to spaces requiring generous, efficient heat. A clean look lets the flames take center stage while complementing décor. Style reigns supreme as you select from a variety of options and accessories to fit your tastes. The Aria warmly welcomes you home.

Expansive views gives a glimpse into the 37,000 BTUs that add comfort and ambiance to your home. With the freedom to install almost anywhere with a sleek finish, the Aria is an amenity almost any room can afford.

  • No chimney or venting required makes installation fast, easy, and affordable
  • Deeper, clean design with expansive views
  • Select your style: traditional with logs, or contemporary with fireglass
  • Available in 32″ or 36″ models
  • Up to 37,000 BTUs
  • Available in millivolt or IPI control

Available Sizes:

  • 32″
  • 36″

Artisan 42

Appliance Width:43″
Appliance Height:28″
Appliance Depth1:13″
Framing Width:44″
Framing Height:32″
Framing Depth2:13-1/2″
Fuel Type:Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
BTU/hr Input:37,000 NG / 36,000 LP
Heating Capacity3:Up to 1,800 sq ft
Viewing Area:37-1/2 x 13-1/2″ (506 sq in)
Efficiency4:Up to 99.9%
Ignition System:Signature Command System (IPI)

Artisan 60

Appliance Width:55-3/8″
Appliance Height:29-3/4″
Appliance Depth1:16-1/8″
Framing Width:55-7/8″
Framing Height:36-3/8″
Framing Depth2:18″
Fuel Type:Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
BTU/hr Input:38,000 NG / 37,000 LP
Heating Capacity3:Up to 1,900 sq ft
Efficiency4:Up to 99.9%
Ignition System:IntelliFire Plus (IPI)

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