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4 Tips To Lower Your Heating Bill

Are you looking for ways to lower your heating bill this winter? If yes, we have 4 tips to share with you on how to lower your heating bill. Read below to get started.

The prices for heating oil and natural gas are leveling but you should still look for ways to cut back on cost when it comes to your heating bill.

The Energy Information Administration declares that the average household in the United States for this winter heating bill will decrease to $928 from last winter’s $947 price tag. This is only a $19 difference. You could save much more than that on your heating bill. Do the following steps to lower your bill:
Lower the Thermostat
When you lower your thermostat, you can save 3% on your next heating bill for every degree you lower. The best times to lower or turn off your thermostat are when you are at work and right before bed. Turning down the thermostat 10 degrees can help you out. That is 16 hours of heating savings.
Use Your Fans Carefully
If you have a kitchen or bathroom fan, make sure you turn them off after use. When you forget to turn them off, you increase the cost of your heating bill.
Turn the Water Heater Down
If you lower the temperature of your water heater to roughly 115 to 120 degrees, then you will decrease your heating bill because you will reduce the power needed to heat the water. Most of the time, lowering the degrees to 115 to 120 will not be noticeable to users.
Use Solar Heat
If you have windows that face south, open your curtains and shades during the day. You will be able to use solar radiation to warm your home. Make sure you close your curtains and shades at night to contain the heat that your home gathered during the day.

But to really save on your heating bill do the following additions to your home:
Ø Cover your water heater with an insulated jacket.
Ø Put plastic film on your windows.
Ø Install a low-flow shower-head.
Ø Install a smart thermostat that will automatically lower the temperature at the best times of day and night to save you money.

To save the most on your heating bill, hire a professional home services contractor.

Scardina Plumbing and Heating can get the job done! Trust us to arrive promptly, work quickly, charge fairly and leave your home or business just as pristine as we found it. Living up to that trust has made Scardina one of Maryland’s most successful home service companies.
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